Melbourne's eGames Expo Dated For 2009

The eGames Expo is like E3 or the Tokyo Games Show only smaller and a lot closer to home.

Expo organisers have just announced the dates for this year's event. It'll be held at Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Building from October 30 to November 1.

Details are scarce right now, with a full list of exhibitors to be revealed soon. But you can expect to see many of this year's biggest games on display and playable on the show floor. Adult tickets are $18 at the door or you can pick up a three-day pass for $33.

Former Kotaku AU editor Logan travelled down for the 2007 show. His adventures should give you some idea of what to expect. More info on this year's show at the eGames website.


    can i get a wooot?

    Sweet. Can't wait to go.

    It would be better if it was in Sydney....for me anyway.

    I am so there.

    OMG is that Cillian Murphy?

      @Timothy Zeven LOL
      Placing it close to Christmas isn't a bad idea, I supposer. Hmm perhaps this is worth one of those cheap flights I've seen going around.

    Damn, it's moving. I always liked it at Jeff's Shed, you know, with the whole Sexpo next door and all. Fill 2 vices in 1 hit.

    Whats with these expos coinciding with exam periods, would it not be smarter to do it early December?

    I wasn't allowed a photo with that Mario because I was wearing a Sonic 2 shirt :(

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