Microsoft Closes Game Development Program

Microsoft have been getting into user-created gaming in a big way of late. First Xbox LIVE Community Games, then Kodu. Which means they have little use for their original games creator, Popfly.

Released to minimal fanfare last year as a set of templates upon which people could build games with little or no programming experience, Popfly never really caught on. Which is why, come August 24, it'll be shut down, with users asked to direct their efforts towards XNA or, for those with less time for coding, Kodu.


    Another reason why MS fails at alot of things. Their own products fail a lot because they just release them without any coverage to actual people.

    Never heard of this until today. I mean i don't think its even mentioned on a MS Wiki page or ANYTHING!!!!

    They fail to support their products and things like this because they only worry about Windows & Xbox. If a company that earns billions every year does that, why have other products. They need to sort out their marketing, sales & advertising team and scrub up!

    Work as team, worldwide. Stop making certain things region-locked and release things worldwide with a good marketing ploy!

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