Microsoft Comments On 360 Dash Advertisements

Following the revelation yesterday that the company would later this year be placing advertisements on Xbox Live, Microsoft have moved to assure users that the ads will "enhance, not interfere" with their experience.

Posting on his blog, Microsoft's Larry Hryb has said:

I need to let you know that you don't need to worry about a huge influx of ads across the dashboard. One of our core principles is to enhance, not interfere with the gaming experience, and we work directly with our partners to only deliver experiences that are relevant to the LIVE community. Silverlight will help make those ads a more organic part of the dashboard, like we've done with some of the NXE slots in the past. No one on the team wants to turn the dashboard into something that looks like like Shibuya Crossing. That's just not good for anyone.

Which puts to rest fears that the service will look slightly whorish, but then, it doesn't address the more fundamental question of "where, then, is my $US50 a year going"?

Silverlight ads on Xbox 360 [Microsoft]


    Solid point. We pay money for a service others offer for free because we expect certain standards, now we have to see ads as well?

    I swear that if there weren't so many Halo addicts happily forking over their sub every month, MS would actually care about the rest of us wanting more for our money.

      Of course Major Nelson tells us not to worry. He is paid to tell us not to worry. Ads should equal lower / no subscription fees. If they don't many will be disgruntled but probably the earth wont stop spinning.

    So wait.

    You pay for adds on your dashboard, where does this sound wrong?

    PC users have had online free for a long time, sometimes with ads yes,

    PS3 owners have free online and no ads?

    hmmm, im all for ads if that means I dont have to pay the fee...

      yeh this is all bullshit.

      on a similar note, i think i saw somewhere that "they" are charging for new content for epmire:total war.

      im not familiar with recent events in the pc universe, but developers/publishers don't normally charge for dlc right? is this a sign of things to come?

    Well thank you LARRY, we 'don't need to worry' :|
    Not that it was ever worry in the first place..more like disgust.
    How can advertising possibly enhance gaming. What a dumb f**k..

    I'd say some kind of snide comment, being a Ps3 owner and all, but it would probably end up coming back to me.

    Fine, put in ads, but make live completely free.

    Maybe it will be like TV, the way ads enhance television viewing!!

    it's just like how foxtel is full of ads now too... what a crock of shit...

    *strokes his playstation3*

      Haha yeah but Foxtel is completely different story. And i understand why Foxtel has adverts.
      Each channel needs to make money. Foxtel, aka Telstra, dont own every single channel. Just like - we are receiving movies a good year or so before they're on free-to-air and sometimes less than a year after they were released (not referring to Box Office).

      So each channel needs to make their money. They don't earn their money from people paying for Foxtel. That is what Tel$tra are for.

      Either way - XBL should be made cheaper. MS Points, Gold Subscription CHEAPER. Maybe not FREE but VERY cheaper!!!!

    "Relevant" advertising is a mythical creature (like leprechauns and eskimos).

    I am only barely justifying paying for my xbox live subscription after getting my gaming notebook repaired, so once this 'initiative' starts up I'll be giving up on Xbox Live. I work in the commercials department for a major TV network and the last thing I want to see when I turn on my console at the end of the day is more ads.

    I can completely understand MS wanting to do this for silver account holders, but for those who pay for 'gold' access this is unacceptable.

    I'd assume what they are trying to say is that the ads will be exactly like the ads on Steam.

    "There's no ads on Steam!" you say? Look again.

    Ads? YUCK! I'm bombarded with ads enough from watching TV, messing around online and being out in normal life but now I get them crammed down my throat from the Xbox? I'd be so embarassed to have friends over, turn on the Xbox and have an ad come up on my console regardless of what it is advertising.

    Microsoft coninues to amaze me with their idiocy.

    Hopefully they'll get around to fixing the issues that have been munged since the "maintenance".

    Sorry Mr. Hryb, ads don't enhance anything. If I need to see your 'organically integrated' and 'relevant' adverts, then you can bloody well offer me a reduced rate for XBL.


    A) Doesn't need the revenue.
    B) Already charges me to use the service to cover their costs.
    C) Best be joking.
    D) Can go fuck themselves.

    əʌoqɐ əɥʇ ɟo llɐ )ə :uoıʇnlos

    I guess the hope is that the revenue will be used to make their servers faster/more numerous etc which would be nice...

    But really who cares? It's not like you have never seen ads on your tv before. Additionally, they don't take up time, they are just there in the background.

    Agree with all points above but wanted to add this also, what about those dudes out there that forked out 240 MS points on a 'premium theme' once NXE came out. From what I can see there is no screen space left... Enjoy looking at the top middle 1/16th of your shiny new theme!

    Ads suck. Either XBL charges $ and is ad free OR XBL free and ads included... and now that I think of it, if I have a couple of mates around and they view the ads, to I get a cut of this exposure?

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