Microsoft Dates Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

Tucked into a Comic-Con announcement from Microsoft is news that the Xbox 360's next dashboard update is coming in 21 days.

The 360 dash will get an update on August 11.

In it, Microsoft confirmed today, will be the launch of the new Xbox Live Games On Demand service, which will launch with more than 30 games. Examples listed in Microsoft's press release include Assassin's Creed, BioShock, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga, Mass Effect, and Sonic The Hedgehog.

Also on the 11th will be the introduction of Netflix party support, allowing multiple people to watch Netflix movies together. The Avatar marketplace will launch, offering virtual knicknacks like an RC Warthog from Halo.

Matching the schedule Microsoft gave Kotaku after E3, Xbox 360 integrations with Twitter, Facebook and Last.FM as well as the ability to instantly stream movies in 1080p for users with fast enough connections will go live in the fall (ie. sometime from Sept to Nov - AU Ed.).


    "The 360 dash will get an update on August 21."

    You need to correct this to the 11th of August


    MS, .mkv support please!

    DVD/ Video TS support would be super-peachy keen too.

      hahaha! why do you people honestly keep asking for mkv support?! has it ever occured to you that microsoft would have absolutely no interest in the mkv format? Give at least 1 legitimate use for the mkv format... ahahah. "backing up" hd-dvd rips isn't one of them lol

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