Microsoft To Launch Streaming Music Service, Could Hit 360

Microsoft have announced that they're working on a streaming music service, similar to Europe's Spotify, which should be ready to go live by the end of this month. We're interested because it could hit the Xbox 360.

Peter Bale, executive producer of MSN, told The Telegraph that the Microsoft service would be similar to Spotify, "but we are still examining how the business model will work".

For reference, Spotify comes in three flavours: free (where you have to listen to ads), day pass (where you pay for a day's use, ad-free) and a subscription, where €10 gets a month's worth of streaming music, ad-free.

Interestingly, he also says that this service could be tied to the company's Xbox 360 console, "but would not be drawn on the details of how a partnership would work".

If Microsoft were working on an in-house music streaming service... and it was going to hit the 360... why bother courting and making such a big deal out of it?

Microsoft is launching a music streaming service this month [The Telegraph]


    *cough* VidZone *cough*

      I was thinking the same thing, but it doesn't talk about music videos, just streaming music (a.k.a. internet radio).

    Yeah, vidzone is a pretty sweet addition to the ps3. Sure, it has ads, but they are just tiny and pretty unobtrusive, you certainly dont have to listen to them at least. And its free of course. OK, the music library is not as huge as I had hoped, but for free you cant complain. Typical M$ at it again I spose....

    So let me get this right... They're going to be streaming music (like most free internet radio sites you can find on the net), except it's going to cost you money, and will undoubtedly be limited to what they want to play... I think I'll pass (not that I have a 360 anyway, but that's not the point).

    I have a computer with 1,000's of MP3's on my desk.

    My Xbox can stream those 1,000's of MP3's through media player... Even whilst gaming.

    What's the point of this service?

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