Miyamoto: New Zelda Won't Be "Radically Different"

So Nintendo is making a new Zelda. Exciting! And with the new Wii MotionPlus, the possibilities are endless.

Since the last console Zelda, Twilight Princess, was originally developed for the GameCube and ultimately released on the Wii. The upcoming Zelda would be developed for the console from the ground-up.

Guess that means we'd be getting a brand new Zelda experience? Well...

"I don't think it's going to be that radically different," Shigeru Miyamoto told Nintendo Power.

Ah, crud.

Fingers crossed Miyamoto is simply being humble and lower expectations so Zelda hype doesn't spin out of control. Then again, maybe he's just being honest.

Read-a-Long with Nintendo Power #244 (August 2009) [Aeropause via VG247]


    hmm, don't you think you're reading into it a bit much? and a bit early? maybe he means the basic formula is the same - that doesn't rule out improved controls... right?

    Honestly, who *wants* something different when it comes to Zelda? It's the same story every time. Same weapons, same outfit, same characters (mostly), but it's done well. As long as the quality gameplay is there, we'll be happy and they'll continue to be successful.
    There's a lesson in that for a lot of publishers.

    He basically is saying its not going to be a super mario galaxy for zelda. Mario and Zelda are two different beasts, you have one based on tight controls and gameplay and one based on story, puzzle solving and combat. One is set up for gameplay experimentation the other just wants to take advantage of the wii controls to do what it does best.

    I think Miyamoto is losing his mind...i honestly believe he may be too old and too selfish to keep making games.
    he has definitely lost a majority of the hardcore video gamer market, i mean he spent a large amount of time focusing on WiiMusic which might of been successful but its freaking stupid.
    WiiSports and WiiSportResort are just mini game annoyances....no one likes those and after a while they get freaking boring.

    most of the games on the wii dont even take full use of the motion controls..so mr Miyamoto..if you wont give us large story (which he said he wont be for Mario galaxy) if you wont give us visually appealing games (as Wii obviously dosent have the best graphics) if you wont take advantage of the innovative controls (I have yet to see a game that truly has) and if you wont improve on your games in every way possible...THEN WHAT IS THE FUCKING POINT ??

    My wii has been gaining dust because i havent seen a game besides Smash bros brawl that is worth my time.

      The point is fun.

      I didn't play Super Mario Galaxy for the story and the omission of it in SMG2 may well be an improvement.

      I thought both Super Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess were both quite visually appealing. The Wii might not have the graphical prowess of the 360 but that doesn't mean you can't use it well.

      The motion controls only make sense in some circumstances, the majority of the time I prefer button presses.

      The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Mario Galaxy were both fantastic games. If Miyamoto can keep producing games with the same gameplay I'll keep playing them.

      Wii Sports has done more for the games industry than possibly any other game ever. Just because it's not your cup of tea doesn't mean it wasn't worthy of his time.


    My favorite game in the Zelda series was Wind Waker, 'cuz it went out and did something different for a change. It was refreshing, and by doing something you wouldn't expect it kept to the adventurous element of the series.

    Honestly, Nintendo really needs to start something new up. If they'd have the boldness to go through with something new that no one would expect from them, it'd be fantastic.

    I mean, come on, their original success is because they did something completely new (the original Metroid, Zelda, and Super Mario Bros. are excellent examples)

    Of course, what I'm asking is probably too much of a stretch for Nintendo.

    Why are you all so surprised? Nintendo has made a career out of cloning Zelda. Hell, it's their fallback now, Mario is in everything already so if they're starting to fuck up - BAM, new Zelda, fanboys go wild. Metroid is the only property left they even try to mix shit up with anymore, barring the rare 3D Mario outing (you know, minus team sports). Boohoo, they're not gonna innovate Zelda - since when have they ever?

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