Modern Warfare 2 Special Editions Priced For Australia

modern-warfare-2-prestige-editionModern Warfare 2 is getting two limited edition bundles. And we can now confirm they're both coming to Australia. But for how much?

While Activision won't comment on a local RRP, retailers have today posted prices for the two limited editions.

The Prestige Edition - first revealed here and pictured above - will set you back $199.95, according to EB. It contains:

* Night vision goggles (see in absolute darkness for up to 50 feet) * Individually-numbered and engraved goggle’s stand (Inspired by Captain "Soap" MacTavish’s in-game model) * Special edition steelbook case with custom artwork by Infinity Ward * Hardbound art book, “Behind the Lines”, designed by artists at Infinity Ward * Call of Duty Classic full downloadable game * Modern Warfare 2 full game

The Hardened Edition - pictured below - arrives sans night vision goggles for $149.95 $129.95 (Note: the EB price didn't change, this was a mistake on our part), once again according to EB. It contains:

* Special edition steelbook case with custom artwork by Infinity Ward * Hardbound art book, “Behind the Lines”, designed by artists at Infinity Ward * Call of Duty Classic full downloadable game * Modern Warfare 2 full game

Both editions are listed as being available for PS3 and Xbox 360, but not PC. We've asked Activision to confirm whether either edition will be coming to PC.

UPDATE: Activision has confirmed PC gamers will miss out on these limited editions. Sorry, PC gamers.

UPDATE: Activision also mentioned the Prestige and Hardened Editions are both only confirmed to be available at EB... for now, at least. Other retailers may come on board, but right now it's just for EB.

UPDATE: Kotaku reader Sam has let us know that GAME will be getting in the Prestige Edition (and presumably the Hardened Edition as well), but numbers are really limited. Same price as EB, too.

So, who's laying out 200 bucks for some goggles? How do you think the Prestige Edition compares to the similarly priced Halo 3 Cat Helmet Edition? And who's being sensible and picking up just the standard game?



    Totally downloading these goggles from bittorrent.

      Tristan Hennessy Likes This.

      Facebook reference FTW

    no pc version of the prestige edition??? what has the world come to!?

    And who’s being sensible and picking up just the standard game?

    Hmm no collectors for pc well thats a nice way to say fuck you to your fanbase. Did they forget that they started on the pc or what?

      I guess Infinity Ward are sick of the PC fanbase saying fuck you to developers and pirating their games. I don't know why PC gamers think they're so fucking special.

        Yeah.. Cause you can't download it for the 360.. lol

        We don't think that we are so special. We just want a fair go. Think about it, if there were no PC's there would be no games anyway because there would be no way to make them.

      Yeah dude you're completely right. This is bullshit, i'm going today to EB to pre-order my copy right, but i wanted the hardened edition, yet i can't get it, meaning to fucken original COD download for me, WTF IS THIS?!

    Call me crazy but i just want the game



    A fool and his money are soon parted.

    I'm getting standard, if anything. I'll probably play it for a few days then return it under the EB return policy.

    Night vision goggles....ha...ha....suckers.

    Come on, chaps. You have to admit those goggles are pretty cool despite being a massive novelty.

    If I'm going to part with cash, the 'Hardened' edition would be the most likely recipient of my dollars, purely for the artwork.

    $200? yup I'm in!
    Now, although I'm not a PC gamer. I find it disappointing that the prestige edition won't be available for that platform. These companies wonder why their games are pirated so much for the PC. PC gamers are constantly getting screwed.

    Just the standard game for me.

    I bet you that the Prestige Edition is going to cost so much more than $199.95. Still its one of the best collectors editions that i have seen in oh so long.

      It's $199.95. EB confirmed it this morning. Hence this post.

        Confirmed 100% David, EB have that as a definitive price, but have had prices changed once before by the company due to the publisher - think it was for fable 2 -

        I think they will generally stick with that 200 mark and am shocked to know that jb etc dont have this package confirmed yet, ah well.

        $30.00 minimun down for the nvg order :E might get a couple for some friends

        also kotaku, if any word on a pc collectors, please be the first to let us know! :p

    No prestige edition for PC. Thanks for nothing.

    I normally don't go for collectors editions because they're usually just a tin case that's absolutely pointless, an art book I'm not terribly interested in and a Happy Meal quality toy, but I'm definitely in for the Prestige Edition this time.
    I just wish that instead of the art book they'd include a few high quality posters.

    I really hope this is a success and others start packaging in unique stuff with their collectors editions. A collectors figure is a nice bonus to get, but if I'm going to pay extra I'd rather get a headset modeled after the ones they use in game. Even if it cost more.
    I'd gladly pay $100 more for Mass Effect 2 if they included a Nerf replica of Sheppard's Assault Rifle. Rather than giving me junk in the Gears 3 collectors pack throw in some COG tags I can wear or a solid COG or skull keyring I can actually use.

    As dumb as the GTAIV safety deposit box and Saints Row 2 Gold Bullet USB memory sticks were, they're the only collectors edition junk I've got that held my attention longer than the time between unpacking the box and putting the disc in the tray.

      I've always been a fan of Blizzard's CE boxes, mostly because the included extras have actually had some thought put into them - Nice big hardcover art books, Soundtracks with the game's music etc etc. Say what you will about their games, but they do know how to look after their fanbase when it comes to goodies.

      The EB stall at Supanova a few weeks back gave out tons of free COG tags, actually. They made us feel like Real Men, with fistbumps all around.

    Is it possible to Just get the game and goggles without all the artwork crap that you look at once and then never again?
    that is the biggest waste of money I rection

    I would've thought that the majority of COD players would play on the PC. Seems silly not to include it for PC. Ah well I probably wouldn't have forked out the extra cash for it anyway.

      The number one platform for Call of Duty these days is Xbox 360 by a long way. The PS3 versions of COD4 and WAW probably outsold the PC, too.

    $199 I can come at for Prestige, but $149 for the hardened edition is ridiculous. It's nothing more than recent Halo Wars/Gears 2 special editions that only went for $99-119.

    I call BS.

      Yeah. The original Call of Duty is about the only thing there that you wouldn't find in the usual Collectors Edition, and even then XBLA games are typically thrown in as pre-order freebies (Banjo-Kazooie and Fable II: Pub Games come to mind).

    I was going to go for the Hardened edition, but at 150 bucks, that's too steep. Regular edition for me.

    PC gamers have been saying fuck you to developers/publishers for years by pirating their games, so I am not sure why they are getting so upset when they return the favour...

      That is utter bulls**t!! ALL of the call of duty series are impossible to pirate because you need a legit key to play Multiplayer. (Yes you there are things called cracked servers but they suck and there are only a couple). I bought COD2, 4 and [email protected] I hate when people generalize about PC gamers pirating games all the time, just STFU.

    You know, the Prestige edition is really tempting, despite the fact I don't really care that much about this game (COD4 didn't wow me, and the E3 demo of this certainly didn't...). That's the power of night vision googles I suppose...

    I call it at most 2 weeks after release before some poor kid get blinded, wearing the goggles when someone flips a light switch on.

    Or given the renown brilliance of todays fourteen year olds, shinning a flashlight at themselves.

    Night vision goggles work by light amplification.

    All that said, I still want a pair.

    Those are toy infrared goggles, not true Gen 1, 2 or 3 NVG. Notice the unboxing video on youtube around 3:15 mark, you can see the infrared diodes around the lens and on the right side of the goggle. I think they are just a new iteration of the EyeClops toy goggles which retails around $70USD mark on Amazon. This has a viewing distance of 15 meters compared to a real Gen 1 NVG's viewing distance of around 200 meters.

    A simple Gen 1 head mounted goggle starts around $500 mark, so you get what you paid for, a toy that is.

      Sweet insight right there...

    How about fuck you attila but not all of us pirate games. some of us believe in paying people for the fruits of their labour. so maybe you don't generalise next time, cock breathe.

    also there are plenty of torrents for ps3/xbox games.

    anyway playing an FPS without a mouse and keyboard is like playing a violin with a toothbrush, sure it makes noise but its sure as fuck not music.

    (dont take me seriously)

      Dude, your analogy doesn't make any sense but it does make me laugh.

    considering the game on it's own would be around $110, why not buy the prestige edition and have an neat trinket? seeing as i'm sure it will be a midnight launch, would i get pulled over for driving with the night vision goggles on?

      chuloopa, unless you can drive with 15 meters viewing distance then I wouldn't recommend you do that.

      And by the way, battery may not be included, so you probably need to get 4-8 AA batteries before hand if going to use it straight away.

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