Modern Warfare 2's Ridiculous "Prestige Edition" Unboxed

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has your first look at the regular, "Hardened," and "Prestige" editions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in this new unboxing video. What makes the uber-expensive edition so "Prestige"? Night vision goggles maybe?

Yes, night vision goggles will be included in the top tier version of the Modern Warfare 2 release. These aren't just for show. Bowling says they're "fully functioning night vision goggles," perfect for outdoor nighttime fun or just skulking around your pitch black dungeon lair.

Of course, the "Prestige" edition of Modern Warfare 2 features more standard stuff too, including the exclusive art book "Behind The Lines", a special Steelbook case, and a token that allows you to download the original Call of Duty from Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Network.

Kotaku AU Note: To all those asking about the availability of these limited editions in Australia, Activision has dropped me a note saying they'll have some news to share soon. I'm guessing they wouldn't do that if it was bad news...


    Thats is seriously SO cool! Real night vision goggles!!

    Definate purchase for me, love my special editions

    quote, "“fully functioning night vision goggles,” perfect for outdoor nighttime fun or just skulking around your pitch black dungeon lair."

    sweet cant wait for this game to drop

    Anybody have a link to the video? i'm not able to play it from my pc

    I don't even want to know how much the prestige editions gonna be...

    Anyone know if either of the CE versions will be available in Australia? I can't find any information on Aussie sites.

    I guess the question now for us Aussies is if this 'super-limited edition' even makes it to Australia or if it'll be US only...

    I hope they do a prestige edition for the PC version aswell. Doubt they will though T.T

    No word on australian release yet, only just been announced by IW, but it shouldn't be too long until we find out. Have my hopes up already, so really hope we get it!

    I am going to guess $150 US. I mean they look different, but probablly on par with the $60 EyeClops you can buy in the toy aisle.

    What's the bet the goggles will be on-par with a children's toy?

    Waste of money, I'll just get the regular edition.

    Worth remembering Activision aren't arsehats that region lock their games, so even if it doesn't come out locally there is always Play Asia.

      No games are region locked - you can play them on all ps3's

    Next time, they should get someone who doesn't sound like they hit a few bottles of Jack Daniels before the video shooting.

    "Hardernered Edition" *shudder*

    my ass those r any good

    my god this is just simply awesome, i hope we are getting night vision presitge edition, if not a scale replica of a machine gun will do lol now we await for prices

    It will be like the eye clops, if you check it when they show the front it has the same set up. Waste of money.

    Hope this comes out for PC. PC version of COD4 didn't even have "Prestige" ranks like the Xbox version.

    Totally just had the vision of the scene in Step-Brothers! This will be awesome.

    Night-vision goggles, Modern Warfare & Step Brothers. What more could you ask for. FUN, FUN & ABSOLUTE LAUGHTER.

    I may be mistaken, but I thought NV goggles were illegal to own in Australia without a licence and police checks, etc? I do hope I am wrong, coz those goggles would be sweet

    Nope, nightvision goggles are legal to own in australia, there are several places that sell them without the need for security checks or licensing.

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