Moe Nazi Vehicle Girls Coming To Xbox 360

Computer tactical role-playing-game Moe Moe Niji Taisen Deluxe has already brought its Nazi girls to the PSP and the PS2 last year. This year? The Xbox 360 is getting the game, re-branded as Deluxe Ultra.

System Soft Alpha has taken its strategy franchise Dai Senryaku and replaced tanks and planes with moe characters.

The game features a bevy of girls with large breasts eyes who personify various military vehicles (tanks, planes). Since the game is attempting to be AN INCREDIBLY ACCURATE portrayal of World War II, it features characters from the various warring factions like America, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Italy and Germany. All this is in the name of accuracy — truly bizarre accuracy!

Moe Moe Niji Taisen Deluxe Ultra is due out in Japan sometime this year. It has not yet been rated and is a one player only title. M'kay.

The game originally debuted on the PC back in December 2007 and seems to be trying to capitalise on the success of military sci-fi franchise Strike Witches. So we're not sure exactly how original this really is.

We've seen this kinda stuff before, too. Next!

Oh dear. (We've seen this before too — it's from the PS2 version — but still...)

Moe 360 [Official Site]


    That's low. Even for the Japanese.

      "That’s low. Even for the Japanese"?!?! That's a bit of a racist comment, wouldn't you say?

      How so?
      Westerners put half-naked chicks everywhere--on TV, music record covers, etc.
      That's low, even for non-Japanese.

      The first time I saw this type of drawing was the "gundam girls', and I thought it was brilliant; A personification of the machines. People refer to their vehicles as "she" pretty often. This is a projection of that, and the first one even felt poetic and surreal.

    lol :P

    nice, lol

    I didn't find it low. Sure it's a game about nazi girls. But it has people from all main countries in ww2.

    If theres anything to complain about it's sexist.

    Every time I see one of these pics, I think of transformer in reverse.

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