Monkey Island Comes To Wii... Today!

Pretty sure that regardless of where you are on this rotating ball of dirt, as you're reading this, it's Monday, July 27. And that means the new Monkey Island will be out on Wii today.

And by "new" we don't mean the new version of the old game, we mean the proper new one. Telltale's "Launch of the Screaming Narwhal". It'll be out in North America later today (or if you slept in will be out already!), but for PAL customers, sorry, Telltale will "have release date information for you guys very soon".

Kotaku AU Note: What?!

Launch of the Screaming Narwhal coming to WiiWare July 27! [Telltale]


    Dammit!!! Bring this to Wii and PSN in Oz! LucasArts is really beginning to annoy me the way they're totally ignoring Playstation owners.

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