Monkey Island, Now On Your IPhone

Monkey Island, Now On Your IPhone

Hey, kids! Time to put that iPhone (or iPod Touch!) to good use, as Lucasarts have just released the rather excellent The Secret of Monkey Island: Special edition for Apple’s handhelds.

As you can see, in visual terms it’s not a bad downgrade of the gorgeous PC/360 version. As far as gameplay goes… I haven’t played it (come on, I only just finished the PC version!), but it looks fairly straight-forward: finger moves cursor, and the buttons down the button handle interaction and inventory.

If you’re interested, it’ll cost you $US8.


  • One of the problems with the cnrreut game media is that there is too little follow-up on games once they’re released. There’s plenty of speculation leading up to a release, but once a game is on store shelves it’s as though it doesn’t exist.It’s really very enjoyable to talk about games you’re cnrreutly playing, and reading about them in the news. You invest a little of yourself in the game, and it becomes a part of your social identity. The media should be backing us up by talking about the games when *we* want to talk about them too.Anyway, I’d hope that episodic games would help with this every so often there’d be a new chapter/issue to make the news.

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