More Quantum Screens Emerge From Cover

This new set of screens Tecmo's East-meets-West third-person shooter Quantum highlights the game's strange mix of Gears of War-esque characters in a high fantasy setting.

I first saw Quantum (formerly Quantum Theory) at E3 this year, and boy was I confused. It looks and plays a bit like Gears of War, but the environments are something out of a late 70s, early 80s fantasy black light poster. You can't really see it in these shots, but there's a very Roger Dean, Yes album cover vibe going on in the game, which is exactly the sort of thing I wouldn't expect out of Japanese developers. Seeing as that is the developer Team Tachyon's goal, I'd say mission accomplished.

Quantum is due out in 2010 for the PlayStation 3.


    Yes, it looks like Gears, but I'm really curious about the co-op portion. If there is one. From early footage, it plays like the most recent Prince of Persia.

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