Mother Sells Nintendo Wii Her Son Stole, Now Arrested

Three teens swiped a neighbours Wii and enlisted the help of a mother to pawn the stolen loot.

Joshua Carter (18), Patrick Early (16) and Derrick Henson (13) have all been arrested on felony charges for stealing a neighbor's Wii. According to Early, his mother, 41-year-old Maxine Law, helped them unload the console at a local pawn shop — even though she knew it was stolen.

The Florida state attorney's office is looking into the matter, and Orlando's WFTV reports that it is possible that Maxine Law could be charged with dealing in stolen property and contributing to the delinquency of minors. You'd think that someone named Law would know better.

Kids Steal Wii, mum Arrested After Pawning It [WFTV via Destructoid]


    What the hell is this? Is Kotaku gonna report on all stolen consoles now are they? Newsflash guys: STOLEN CONSOLES ARE PAWNED DAILY. Walk into any Cash Converters and its guaranteed at least half of everything you see, if not more, is stolen gear.

    Personally I think these pieces of trash oughta be shot... while we're at work earning our money these thieving fucks are out there breaking into our houses. Makes ya sick doesnt it... and whats more is our judicial system is so flawed, and our magistrates so incompetent that they will let these criminals walk free. Everyone is always blaming Police but all they do is round them up; its our courts that decide if someone should walk or not.

    Actually I apologise, it let me vent my frustrating, so keep posting the articles.

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