New Dashboard Commercials Bring Ad Breaks To Your 360

As many of you have no doubt probably seen by now if you've been connected to Xbox Live, Microsoft's new dashboard advertisements have begun appearing for Xbox 360 owners.

Rather than the standard, static advertisements you're used to seeing, these bring running commercials to your 360, in some cases complete with video and, more annoyingly, sound. You can see an example of one running in this video here.

Josh Lovison, of digital media experts IPG, tells us that these new Silverlight ads won't be as intrusive as you may have first feared, as they've been designed to "fit with the rest of the interface". So you won't be seeing pop-up ads, or replacement banners, or watermarks, or news tickers, or anything like that. You'll just be seeing ads running in the same NXE "windows" as you find everything else on the console's user interface.

Interestingly, Lovison also says that Microsoft's entire move to the New Xbox Experience may have been partly influenced by the desire/need for advertising, as the "windows" that all NXE content is displayed in, from videos to demos to Xbox Live Arcade titles, "just so happen to be IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) standard sizes". Meaning a Flash/Silverlight ad from a website can be dropped directly onto the 360 dashboard.

I haven't seen one of these myself yet; I'm presuming you can just navigate away from them, and aren't forced to watch them?


    So xbox users pay for live (gold anyway) and they still get ads? Or is this just silver members?

    Either way it's pretty lame.

    And now there's more use of my bandwidth and waiting for these stupid animations and blades and things to load before I can use my Xbox for its intended purpose (that's still playing games, right?)

    Paying for ads... a new low. Also if it means u have to flick through more windows to avoid an add, then thats just fail.

    Ok lets watch a movie, oh gota keep going past this ad first. Plus, those movie ads are using ur quota... nice.

    MS, fuck you.

    I've tried to do the right thing by you. I don't pirate software, I haven't modded my box, I've even defended the cost of XBL Gold.

    But, fuck you. This is crass, grabby commercialism at its worst.

    F this, SilverLight Movies are 1080p Streaming Video running at like 15MegaBit a second. I've only got 25 gig of download HD Video will eat it all up in a couple of days and I pay for gold. I dont need my Xbox taking all my bandwidth either.

    Also are these going to download everytime or are they cached? if so were

    I'm worried about the bandwidth. At the moment on Bigpond my 25GB per month is streched to it's limit, now I'm downloading stuff I don't even want. I'm a big Xbox fan but unless Microsft and Telstra come to some sort of a deal then put me in the not impressed group. For what it's worth bigpond is the only ISP I can get in my area, 400m to far from the exchange for ADSL....

    Yeah, I agree. This looks pretty dumb.

    Considering how expensive/slow bandwidth is in Australia tho, this is probably quite bad for us. -_-

    Unless these ads bring tangible benefits to the users (Dedicated servers? Online play for silver members? More free DLC?), I'll be hoping there's a way to block them. :P

    Thats pretty damn foul. I hope there's a massive backlash over this and M$ takes one in the nuts.

    was sound really necessary

    So what exactly are we paying for now?
    I can only hope that at the very least there is a reduction in the cost for gold membership now.

    Is this in Australia or just the US?
    MS seriously need to reconsider this strategy for Australia given our "unique" download restrictions as many people have commented.
    Live must get significantly cheaper and local servers to justify the intrusion of ads on a pay-for service..

    I think there are there are a few telling signs here for Microsoft. Firstly, Live is a great system and I haven't had a problem with the annual fee until now. As many people have stated before, getting us to pay to view ads is far from a great customer experience and, while not a major sticking point, it will be worth keeping an eye on the frequency, size and delivery method of the ads and watching how this eats into people's bandwidth. It's essentially a flash ad so it shouldn't be that bad.

    Secondly though, I'm concerned how quickly they are rolling this out compared to other services (Netflix, Inside XBox, 1 vs 100 etc) for us Aussies and I guess NZ as well.

    I would really appreciate not being stung with these ads until MS delivers content through Live to the equivalent that European and Continental Northern AMerica currently enjoy.

      Very good point there Mal. In Au we don't really get the full benefits of Live that other parts of the world get yet, we are going to get more rubbish on our already slow dash. WTF M$? We pay the same for the service and get stuff all for our money. I wonder if they realise that what they do now will affect their sales not just currently but also in the next gen aswell? Customers tend to remember the things that have annoyed us more than any of the good that the companies have done for us.

    Oh boo hoo!!

    Harden up, ladies! You're acting like it's the end of the world.

      Hey I remember you! Harry Sanchez HAHAHA remember in high school when you wet yourself at the athletics carnival! fuck that was funny. how are you anyway?

      @ Harry

      You sir, are apart of what's wrong with the world when you make this kind of statement. Of course it's not the end of the world but M$ have over stepped the mark. Your attempt to rationalise this as being no big deal is misguided when popular belief shows certain spaces should remain advertisement free when there is a cost to get in that space in the first place. Moreover, the shit kicker in this case is your data cap can take a hit.

    Can always be worse..

    we need a fucking boycott of Xbox Live of some sort. MS need to know, you don't pay for adverts. They may not be thrown in your face, but do they not make enough money each year through subscriptions and DLC. From what i can recall, MS have stated over the years that XBL grows EACH year. Sales, subscriptions, members! EVERYTHING

    yet they throw this in our face when we are forking out 80 bucks a year to play. DROP the price by half at least, you may then get more sales for your console.

    Gentlemen, perhaps a solution is in order for those of us with the knowhow. In all likelyhood these adds come from either an independent advertising server or from the advertisers servers themselves not simply the XBL servers (as this would increase traffic on those servers). If someone can find the M$ advert server(s) adding them to router firewall lists would be a simple task. Even blocking outgoing requests to these servers may be enough.

    Another suggestion would be to check the XBL EULA and compare with local legislation, is it legal for m$ to consume our bandwidth without our express consent, moreover do m$ have the rights under the EULA to FORCE content unrelated to XBL?

    The EULA as at Sept 2008 state that m$ reserves the right to change content at any time with regard to 'the service' and that we as consumers are required to pay for any bandwidth incidental to 'the service'.

    HOWEVER 'the service' does not mention any advertising or materials or materials from third party companies. In fact when mentioning 'Other Items', it goes so far as to ONLY describe games and products downloaded from XBL or Windows Live (all examples in this case are OPT-IN).

    This would lend one to believe the advertising is possibly in breach of the EULA.

    Enough of my e-Lawyering, perhaps someone who has dealt with similar or a Lawyer could come and shed some light for us.

    Wow! So soon advertising will for XBL and my gold account will be free!!


    I waited until I got home so I could watch the video before commenting. Now I've seen it... no. I won't accept this. I'll be cancelling my Gold subscription the second that thing shows up on my dashboard. If Sony can provide the PSN for free, then Microsoft can bloody well provide Live for 80 bucks a year.

    *strokes his ps3* <3

      I will simply buy a PS3 if this is to go ahead.

    If any of you didnt realise... Australia doesn't have these ads, and i highly doubt they will bring them here

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