New Demo Format For Team Fortress 2 Nearing Beta

Via email, Valve mentioned that it was developing a new demo type format — for Team Fortress 2 or perhaps all Steam Games. This comes as players have been breaking demo files after downloading new updates.

Tell us about that Robin Walker! The Valve developer explains: "It's getting close to being releasable in a beta form."

The basic idea is that after players die or finish a round you are particularly proud of, you can ask the server to send you a demo of it. "The server then sends you a demo that it recorded, which has the complete game state instead of just what your client saw, and it's in a format that's robust and won't break as easily when we update the game," Walker adds. "In addition, the format has a some side benefits, like supporting full backwards and forwards time scrubbing."

Not bad!

Robin Walker interview [TFPortal]


    They wouldn't want to announce it for L4D as well... just in case they can't do it, and everyone goes FRIGGING BONKERS.

    the other night i pinned a rocket-jumping soldier to a wall right at the top of his jump

    i could watch that over and over and over and over!

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