New Final Fantasy XIII Field Screens


    The character in the bottom screenshot doesn't look very good... Maybe it's just the coat.

      I think it's a large coat texture and the dull ambient lighting.

    The pictures are of such a low resolution that I can't properly judge them at all.

    Could that top picture be the long missing 'world map'. For the love of god I hope it is. It's been too long since I was able to pilot a flying ship in a Final Fantasy title. clicking on a location from a list doesn't really do it for me.

    Yeah. We need 720p/1080p versions.

    I go wow!... then realize that it will just be another JRPG, sadface.

    The planet/moon in the top pic has way too much of a highlight.

    It's hard to tell if the moon? in the first picture is in front of the clouds?

    Is it a moon or a large hovering rock?

    Looks wrong.

    Guys, the moon/planet is Cocoon. its very close to the earth (pulse). Cocoon is a technological planet/city and they fear pulse. Theres also something to do with i'cie and stuff (godlike beings).

      Thanks for shedding some light onto it.

    Well the game ISNT exactly complete. I'd assume Cocoon at the top will be faded or at least look like it wasn't INSIDE of the planet.

    The screens aren't jaw-droppingly amazing. I'm still a little interested in this RPG considering Im a long-time fan of the series. However, I don't feel like there's a lot of love from Square for this installment. Something about it screams "We did it just cuz we wanted to try an FF on the 360".

    Alot of the backgrounds feel like they've been done before in FF10.

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