New Forza 3 Screens: Exclusive Cars

There are a number of Forza 3 cars that are quite "exclusive", in that they require you to either preorder the game, buy the Collector's Edition or become a VIP member of the game's community. These are those cars.

Recognise those two above? Course you do. They were on the cover of Forza 2. These are available only to those who purchase the Collector's Edition.

If you sign up and become a VIP member of the Forza 3 community, you'll get access to these five cars.

Preorder the game and you'll get this... tastefully-adorned Audi.


    Any word on if we will be able to get the preorder car in Australia? (Please don't say "only if you go to EB Games and cough up $150 for the deluxe ultra collectors edition which comes with exclusive game designer's lock of hair")

      Knowing the way Aussie gamers are treated, that won't be hair from his head.....

      whats the big deal with being able to pre order? you dont get the game earlier and when do games ever sell out?

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