New Halo: ODST Screens

As Microsoft ramped up the marketing campaign for the latest Halo title during Comic-Con, they released a bunch of new screenshots for the game's singleplayer campaign mode.


    Lol looks like they only had time to run half of them through photoshop before releasing them. Half the screen's have had a tonne of anti-aliasing put on the, the other half show the game in it's "natural state". I was really hoping they'd solved the jaggy issue for this game but aparently not. Should be fun though.

      Unfortunately, there's nothing here we haven't seen already in the E3 stuff.

      Regarding the anti-aliasing, well, you can have it, but you have to drop the HDR lighting.

      There's a reason why Halo 3 runs in 640p and misses antialiasing: it features unrivaled lighting and extreme draw distances. Check out the amazing dynamic range in the level "Cortana" for instance, or when you come out in to the sun on Sierra 117. We're not talking about some game that just restricts itself to corridors and warehouses here.

      I'd like 720p AA too, but not at the expense of the overall visual impact or the scale of the game. We're going to have to wait for the next generation of consoles. (Cue the PC gamers...)

    if nothing else, I am just excited for more old fashioned single-player halo maps. Though, if it actually managed to be something more, that would be cool too. But I am just happy with more of the same.

    @Korwin: Perhaps the ones not showing so-called 'natural-state' are just from cut-scenes and thus look smoother?

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