New Hello Kitty Online Screens

I got an extended look at Hello Kitty Online yesterday and today I woke up with an infection of super-cute screen shots. Let me spread the love like a bad cold.

I seriously wonder what the great architects and builders of world renowned landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Arc de Triumph would think of the Sanrio-ized versions of their masterpieces. Personally, I prefer this version of Big Ben to the real life one — but I'm a Hello Kitty girl and therefore biased.

Enjoy the cute!


    Why are you mining for copper you fools! The money is in the cat litter/food business.

    GOTY. WoW had better watch out, there's a new MMO contender that's has the potential to take the crown.

    Whoa...Neverender said "shit"...I thought that would've been censored... I never actually tried swearing when I was playing but I'm pretty sure since this game is aimed at younguns that would be censored...
    Ok that player just had all his potatoes die on him/her. Way to manage your farm... =.="

    Hmm...I'll probably give open beta a go..I played during the Founder's Beta ^^

    mmmmm gotta farm me some tatters

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