New Life Sales For Wii Fit, Mario Kart Wii, Wii Sports

Kyoto-based Nintendo Co., Ltd. has released sales data for its biggest selling titles during the April - June 2009 quarter. Let's have a look.

During the period, Wii Fit sold 3.6 million units globally (130,000 units in Japan and 3.47 million overseas), bringing lifetime sales for the game to 21.82 million copies.

Mario Kart Wii sold 2 million copies globally (90,000 copies in Japan and 1.91 million overseas). The lifetime sales total for Mario Kart Wii is 17.39 million copies.

Wii Sports sold 1.91 million copies worldwide, selling 60,000 copies in Japan and 1.85 million overseas. The lifetime sales total for Wii Sports is 47.62 million.

Last year during the same period, Wii Fit sold 3.42 million copies, Mario Kart Wii sold 6.42 million copies and Wii Sports sold 4.76 million copies.


    So they're decreasing rapidly yet almost always on the top of charts or top 5 and definitely top 10! WTEFFFF.

    I thought Wii Sports came with the Wii except in Japan. So why would people be buying it separately unless they've purchased a Wii second hand and didn't get any games with it????

    What about Wii Play? Is that always bundled with a controller & done so worldwide including Japan. Get some numbers on those and then we could have an approximate on the controllers sold for the Wii too, lol.

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