New Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Vids

Didn't get enough Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 at Comic Con? Don't worry — we've got a trio of videos for you right here.

First up is the demo trailer with your standard dramatic music and character close-ups of fan favourites like Wolverine, Captain America and Iron Man.

Next is a Penance vignette video, which I can just barely bring myself to care about since I only just barely remember who the guy is.

Far more interesting to me is the Juggernaut vignette, which is made much more hilarious if you mute the sound and play this YouTube video in the background while you watch it. I realise the joke is way old — old enough even to have made it into the wretched film, X-Men: The Last Stand — but I still find it amusing.



    Juggernaut is an EB preorder exclusive, right? I can live without him I think...

      My guess is its just a standard code that you'll be able to find on the internet. So you probably won't be missing anything

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