New Mechwarrior Game Confirmed, Will Reboot Series

Surprise, Mechwarrior fans! That teaser from yesterday was indeed for a new Mechwarrior title, which is in development at Piranha Games, who worked on the latest Transformers title.

So at least you know they have experience with giant robots! Then again, it also means they have experience with making crummy games based on giant robots.

Though, let's give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. They only helped develop Revenge of the Fallen. And being a movie tie-in, it had a deadline to meet. Something they won't have to worry about with Mechwarrior, what with Battletech being 25 years old and all.

This new game is called simply MechWarrior, and will serve as a reboot of sorts for the franchise. You'll still be piloting mechs, but the developers reckon that current console technology will for the first time let you feel like you're really behind the sticks of a giant fighting robot.

They're also shooting for a "dynamic battlefield", and rather than feature a food chain of mechs, instead want to let players choose a style of mech and then upgrade that to suit their tastes as they progress through the game.

MechWarrior is coming to the PC and Xbox 360, with no details yet on either a publisher or a release timeframe.

To see the full debut trailer, click below. Looks like GRAW with giant robots. Which is a real good place to start.

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    For those after YouTube version:

    game looks like great, just hope it don't turn out like the Transformers game... YuK!

    Doesn't 'reboot' imply there was something wrong with the series previously!?! The only thing wrong was that they didn't make enough of the damned games!

      It's not really a 'reboot' - the universe is quite well-established as it is. They're just going back to an era that is rarely covered in interactive BattleTech fiction. As far back as has been featured is 3025, as in Crescent Hawk's Inception, MechWarrior 1, and pretty much all Multi-Player BattleTech iterations.

    Hope the multiplayer n customization is like MW4:Mercs, loved that game

    The year is 3015 and they still drive mini vans and Volkswagens. Also ejecting out of a nuclear powered mech going critical in an ejection seat... the year is 1985 more like it.

      I kind of like the retro feel of the mechwarrior series. I just wish they'd directly address it. Cockpit lined with CRT screens, unreliable and bulky information technology. Fashion and architecture taken from a 70s idea of what the future would look like. No one is going to be piloting a walking tank a thousand years from now. Hell, I wouldn't be too suprised if no human pilots a damn thing 20 years from now, so embrace the romantic retro view of the future I say.

    On the plus side, this is being made with the Founder of Fasa, and Fasa were behind MechWarrior 2 soo Hope this fulfills the might mech shoes of its predeccessors.(sp?)

      FASA was as much behind any MechWarrior PC game as J.R.R. Tolkien was involved with the Lord of the Rings movie Trilogy. MechWarrior 2 is far more an Activision product, and even those games with the name 'FASA Interactive' on them aren't really by FASA as in Jordan Weisman's company, which was FASA Corporation.

    It sucks that every version of the game things get dumbed down a notch. With it being on consoles now I can see it being as in depth as MechAssault.. I guess I saw this coming anyway

    Played lots of the older titles before on pc.
    This in multiplayer would be fantastic!

    I've always overlooked this game, mainly because I felt the mechs moved so slowly, it's even shown in this trailer. I guess I'll give it another shot since Armored Core has kind of hit the dumps. Can nobody create a fast paced Mech game that controls well? Maybe it's got something to do with realism, though I think if someone is going to make giant robots, they're going to be fast ones :P

    Looks pretty sweet imo.

    I just hope it's not like mech assault and closer to the actual mechwarrior games - i really miss those things..

    For their sake i REALLY hope it's not too dumbed down, i mean it's just not a mech game unless you can fully customize your love machine!

      The fact that most MechWarriors allowed so much customization is actually misleading about BattleTech and how modular BattleMechs, even Omnimechs, are supposed to be. In fact, most 'Mechs are very difficult to modify, and OmniMechs only have a limited tonnage of what is called 'pod space' to modularly utilize for weapons and subsystems. MechWarriors 2, 3, and 4 over-exaggerated the concepts of BattleMech modification. The only game that did it right was BattleTech: Crescent Hawk's Inception, where you could take a 'Mech into a 'Mech-it-Lube' shop and have the mechanics do their magic to improve effectiveness. They'd strip off certain weapons and replace them with others. One such modification involved stripping most of the parts and all of the ammo for an SRM launcher and slot medium lasers into the missile tubes.

    That's really not the way BattleTech is, though, so good luck with that. Stick with your anime-inspired mecha insanity with the flying around like a rabid monkey (not that that's a bad thing- I really like Armored Core).

    Suffice to say, BattleTech and the associated MechWarrior games are for feeling like you're driving a walking, stomping tank of doom, not flying a jet-powered humanoid assault craft.

    I'll believe it when it's in my hands. How many times have we heard that a new MW is coming and then nothing. Same as the movie, haven't heard a peep in almost a year. But if it does come, sweet.

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