New Rage Trailer: Ornery!

OK, the trailer itself isn't Ornery. It's fine. We're just excited that a video game trailer used the word. It's a great word.


    oh good old crappy animation...

    i have a theory (it's waiting to be shot to pieces) that all these massive, open ended worlds make sacrifices in the animation department for the sake of performance. GTA4 -framerate spasms being an exception to my reletivistic theory.

    Far Cry 2, Oblivion/Fallout3, Protoshyte, Assassins Creed even.


      I'm pretty sure that's just the low framerate of the VIDEO, not poor or choppy animation in it's own right...

    mutants uncivilized? hah

    yep put me down for killing humans, no problems. but mutants! what am i? some sort of racist?

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