New Uncharted 2 Screens, Game Dated "Early Fall"

Picking up right where the newly released Uncharted 2 cut scene left off are these new Uncharted 2 cut scenes. What's more, according to Japanese website Game Watch Impress, the game is dated "early fall".

We're assuming that this is obviously a Japanese release date as Game Watch Impress is a Japanese site. However, it might provide a vague idea for the Western launch window.

SCEJ、PS3「アンチャーテッド 黄金刀と消えた船団」 [Game Watch Impress via VG247]


    Uhh, these are all rather old.

    Everytime i look at him, all i see is Nathan Fillion from the TV Show Castle.

    Ever since knowing he was real into gaming, visiting Bungie recently and working on Halo, i just see Drakes as him! Especially that last screenshot.

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