Nintendo Sales Down 40 Percent

Kyoto-based Nintendo Co., Ltd. released its financial statement from the previous quarter earnings. Net sales were down compared to the same time last year — down by 40 percent, that is.

Obviously, Nintendo experienced phenomenal sales during the same period last year and faced a much more optimistic global economy.

According to Nintendo, "In the console business, there were fewer blockbuster software titles that briskly drove hardware sales this June quarter versus the same period a year ago when titles like Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit were launch in overseas markets."

What's more, the high appreciate of the Japanese yen has negatively impacted net sales to the tune of ¥253 billion compared to ¥423 billion during the same period last year.

Net income was also down, clocking at ¥42.3 billion — a 60.6 percent drop. Even in this downward economy, Nintendo certainly does remain profitable, just not as profitable.


    One problem gamers & those who analyse this sorta stuff and blabbering on that the video game market is in crisis and especially in Japan and all that.

    Not everyone in the world likes video games. Not all video game players are avid gamers and may be happy with their N64 and don't have a newer one since or they still have their PS2 and don't want to upgrade.

    Maybe at the moment, yes the recession has something to do with it. Or maybe, there arent as many gamers out there as the video game market wants or hopes there to be and thats why sales aren't as high as previous years cause gamers aren't gonna keep buying the same console a few times just cause the market is decreasing. There aren't newer hardware out there & yeah...

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