No Install For Uncharted 2

Install haters, good news! Eagerly anticipated title Uncharted 2 does not require an install on your PS3's hard drive. Here's Christophe Balestra from the game's developer Naughty Dog:

Uncharted 2 does not require any install.

Guess that means Uncharted 2 does not require an install.

Christophe Balestra: Uncharted 2 does not requi ... [Twitter via VG247]


    Well that's simple. Nice.

    Sweet! It is beyond me why 360 developers have no trouble fitting an entire game onto a DVD-ROM disc while PS3 developers can't fit an entire game on a Blu-Ray disc without installation...


    Ahh do games do this on the 360?

    I only heard of install on the PS3 when MGS4 comes out, that does it don't it?

    Exactly why do games need to be installed on the hard drive? Does it work the same way as installing the game on the 360 to play off the hard drive but not the disc?

      Blu-ray drives have a slower read speed than a DVD drive or hard drive. When a PS3 game has a mandatory install it's simply to reduce loading times and generally increase performance. Most 360 games also benefit from being installed to the hard drive.


      I wondered the exact same thing and did a little research a while back and this is what i've come to understand of the blu ray format.

      The reason some ps3 games are installed is due to the blu ray media. All blu ray discs are read at one speed and one speed only while streaming data, where as DVD's have a variable spin rate, this results in inconsistencies at which the drive can pull the data off the disc for blu ray.

      For example when reading data from the inner parts of a disc it reads data more slowly, whilst data at the outer parts is read faster because the disc spins at a constant rate. However a DVD counteracts this by spinning the disc at a faster or slower rate depending on where it's reading data from to stream at a constant rate.

      Because of this developers have to optimize how the data is stored on the blu ray disc to reduce load times, or use the easier option of installing certain parts to the HDD.

      It's not a perfect system but it works for reducing load times.

      If anyone can elaborate on this further or if i've stated something wrong, please correct me, i'd be interested to know the full facts if i got something wrong.

        Trent, that's a spot on summary, as far as I'm aware. With the addendum that a hard drive simply reads data faster period.

        @Trent. You got that 100% the wrong way around.


          No, Trent is correct. That article you cite is from 2005, a year before the PS3 launched, and full of speculation. The Blu-ray drive in the PS3 spins at 2x speed.

        @ Josh.

        Well it seems to make a total lot of sense to me. But if it was the OTHER way around, then he is kinda right for bring wrong as its the opposite. But it seems legit to me.

        @ Trent
        That now explains as to why some games on the 360 will make an even louder noise when playing as the disc is being spun faster or slower etc... is that correct?

        Anyway, i have no problem in an install if Uncharted was. I just hope it actually DOESN'T need install and therefore load times won't be a bitch. The PS3 comes with a reasonable HD capacity anyway, 60GB or above & i'd imagine it doesn't use up that much compared to installing games on the 360 where i'm stuck with a 20GB until MS release more Elites that seem to have disappeared.

        MSG TO MS: Release more Elites or hurry up and announce and release a new SKU.

    I've never really understood people complaining about mandatory installs. Sure HDD space is finite, but you can always delete the installs of games you aren't playing at the moment if you're running low on space. Plus PS3s don't require proprietary HDDs.

    If it increases performances, it's all good by me.

      You're right, it's not a massive issue - but it's one that I'd rather not deal with, if possible.

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