No More No More Heroes For The Wii

Goichi Suda breaks the hearts of countless Wii owners, suggesting that once No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle is finished, the franchise will leave the platform behind.

While No More Heroes and its star Travis Touchdown have captured the hearts of many fans on the Nintendo Wii, Suda's ambition might just be too big for the platform. Once the sequel hits store shelves in early 2010, it could be curtains for the Wii franchise.

"I think ['No More Heroes 2']is the last ‘NMH' that is going to be developed on the Wii. To expand ‘NMH' to new possibilities, we need a new platform. Wii is a great platform, but we've done everything we can with it now."

While disappointing news for Wii owners, it is a move that makes sound business sense. Despite an excellent reception, the first No More Heroes didn't exactly fly off store shelves. One would imagine that a mature title with the charm of NMH would do amazingly well on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or even the iPhone.

Where would you folks like to see No More Heroes go next?

No More Heroes Will "Need A New Platform" [Edge Online via MTV Multiplayer]


    PS3 or computer, because thats all i have. Hmm, I think it would fit well as a console title, possibly cross platform as it is quite well known and i would assume that it would do quite well.

    This is good news. I love NMH and I was glad to see the sequel sticking with the Wii, but I like that Suda wants to develop the franchise and take it places the Wii can't go.

    I wish more developers would take the same progressive attitude, rather than playing to the strengths of one console and then... well, playing to the same strengths time and time again. Not to mention that this is probably best for the franchise's longevity.

    Bloody hell, No Exitebots, Punch-Out only available at Jb's and now, NMH moving to another console after the sequel comes out.Is today just the worst day for Wii announcements or what? The only thing I can think with this latest announcement is that Suda wants to up the graphical standard. Because isn't that the only thing that the other consoles can do better than the Wii? I can't really think of any thing gameplay wise that the other consoles can do that the Wii can't. Perhaps I just haven't thought this through.

    Give NMH to us Ps3 and 360 owners. We'll treat it right not like those foolish wii owners. Let them have their mario and zelda. We'll respect mature, humorous games like yours.

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