NPD Top 20 Home To Ghostbusters, Nintendo Dominance

Yesterday, the NPD Group released its estimates for U.S. video game sales for the month of June, with Activision's Prototype and THQ's UFC 2009: Undisputed topping the list of bestsellers. That list was missing a few key releases.

Games like Atari's Ghostbusters failed to find a place in the top ten, as did the perennially bestselling Wii Play. Also missing were the PlayStation 3 versions of June's biggest games, which do appear in Gamasutra's NPD data highlighting the top twenty games from last month.

Looks like Ghostbusters: The Video Game just missed a top ten showing, kept from glory by Infamous for the PS3. While the UFC brawler and the PlayStation 3 version of Prototype represent, the bottom half of the top twenty is dominated by Nintendo titles, including the recent Punch-Out!! and long time bestseller Mario Kart DS.

See if your game of choice sold well at the full list.

Nintendo Again Dominates NPD Top 20 [Gamasutra]


    "No one outside of the internet and hardcore gaming circles gave a cuss about the graphics comparison"


    Outside of the internet??? You mean, outside of people who read reviews of games before they buy?

    Face it: Ghostbusters for the PS3 is a debacle. The developer bragged about PS3 games being done "right", and then they release something that runs at a lower resolution with a choppier framerate with muddy textures and more glitches than the 360 version. Only retarded children or Sony-fed websites would fail to spot the differences between the two versions.

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