Nutso WoW Player Threatens To Hijack Plane

Warning! May contain traces of nuts! An 18 year-old kid from Greenwood, Indiana is under investigation by the FBI after issuing a number of "very serious" threats via World of Warcraft.

On Monday morning, the boy said in-game that he "was going to board a plane at 7:30 to Chicago and that (he) was going to try and kill as many Americans as possible". He then left several other, similar messages, which caused Blizzard to notify the authorities, believing they were "very serious".

After initially claiming his account had been hacked, the kid later owned up, saying it was all a joke stemming from his belief that the cops wouldn't really turn up to your house if you made serious terrorist threats.

Hey, kid, they do. They did. You're an idiot.

Johnson Co. gamer investigated for threat [Indystar, via Dtoid]


    this sorta stuff stopped being a joke that day in September when someone said "Gee, that jet looks a little low...".

    Honestly... what a idiot!

    ahaha i guess now he knows what happens in the movies with police surrounding your house CAN and in fact DID happen in real life...

    Nice one DICKHEAD!
    Those cops could have been better using that time investigating a real treat!

    EPIC FAIL you moron!

    NEW PVP ZONE: Flight AA3422

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