Oh Look, More Forza 3 Screens (And A European Release Date)

Going a little overboard with the Forza 3 screens aren't you, Microsoft? We need a break. Just this once, we'll go back-to-back, but only because they look so damn pretty.

While we've got you, if you're in Europe, you're in luck, as Microsoft today announced the game will be out on October 3, which is over three weeks earlier than the North American launch on October 27.


    Could I be any more excited for this game? I don't think so. My 360 is seriously lacking in decent racing games.

    beautiful. i'd by an xbox for this while i wait for GT5

    Well if any image is going to sell Forza 3 to me, the tricycling C30 will do it (and the Brera, and the Mito, and the Evora...)

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