Pay Nothing, Get Mechwarrior 4

Because there's a new Mechwarrior game on the horizon, people will for the first time in years have Mechwarrior on the brain. To help you get your fix, then, Mechwarrior 4 is going to be re-released. For free.

Yup, all you have to do is wait a bit (it's not out yet), head over to and you can grab the game (along with its expansions) for nothing. Squat. SQUAT.

How it holds up after all these years is anyone's guess (I'd given up on the series long before it hit a fourth instalment), but hey, it's free. No word on just when it'll be released, but we're promised it'll be "soon".


    I used to play Mechwarrior 4 and I have a lot of good memories of the SP campaign. A bit technical but very strategic also, it's not just wading it firing everything. I will probably d/l this, might be nice to play it with gfx settings on max.

    This has just made my decade. cant wait to get back in a mech :)

    Back in the 90's the local video store on the way home had a snes you could pay $2 for 30 mins. every afternoon i was in there playing mechwarrior.
    And then MW2 came along with that kick ass intro.

    These are truely good days freinds :)

    Awesome news, can't wait to play it after all these years. My first MW game was MW 2: Mercenaries, I still have it sitting on my shelf next to me.

    Actually it's kind of depressing thinking back to how amazing those games were when they came out; it's so hard for games these days to wow you like they did a decade ago...

    I've still been playing MechWarrior 4 online regularly, I picked it up for cheap at EB a couple of years ago.

    Mech2 was the very first game I ever got to play on my then-brand spanking new Diamond Monster 3Dfx video card. If this and the new game give me even a fraction of the joy I got out of that I'll be in heaven...

    I can't wait to play Mechwarrior 4 again after all this time

    Fuck yeah! Cannot wait to get back into a Daishi.

    I loaded up Mercenaries the other day.

    The graphics are just astoundingly horrible considering how good they looked back in 2002. It's really amazing not only how far things have come but how things that looked great when they came out look terrible only a few years later.

    Good thing we have high def mod

    I will definitely download this, and buy the new release, I love mechwarrior 4 mercenaries!
    I just hope they'll provide support for widescreen displays.

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