PC Sales Charts: You Fight Like A Dairy Farmer

Any doubts over the commercial viability of reviving a classic Lucasarts adventure game series have been blown out of the water this week, with Telltale's new Monkey Island game topping the Steam charts.

It was also a good week for Capcom's Street Fighter IV, with a strong performance on both charts repaying the company's faith in porting this most unlikely of games to the PC.

PC Digital Download Charts For The Week Ending July 11


1. Tales of Monkey Island 2. Street Fighter IV 3. Fallout 3 4. ArmA 2 5. Left 4 Dead 6. Dawn of Discovery 7. Counter-Strike: Source 8. GRID 9. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood 10. Trine


1. ArmA 2 2. The Sims 3 3. Aion: Tower of Eternity 4. Street Fighter IV 5. The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Deluxe Game of the Year Edition 6. The Sims 3 (Mac) 7. Dawn of Discovery 8. Civilization 4: Complete Edition 9. Tales of Monkey Island 10. Fallout 3

[via Shacknews]


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