PC Version Of Alan Wake Is Up To Microsoft

Alan Wake is coming to Xbox 360, that we know. But will it also be coming to the PC? Maybe. Just maybe. But if it does, that's a decision to be made by Microsoft, not developers Remedy.

Alan Wake fansite BrightFalls claims to have received a statement from the developers, which reads:

Thank you for your continued interest in Alan Wake. It is accurate that we are currently working exclusively on the Xbox360 version of Alan Wake. PC plans are currently open, and therefore it's safe to say that at least a simultaneous launch with the Xbox version will not happen at this late stage. Remedy has a deep heritage in PC gaming and would love to see a PC version available to its PC followers, ultimately however this decision lies with our publisher.

If this statement did indeed come from Remedy - and we're looking into that - it's not good news for PC users looking forward to the game, as it suggests that even if the game does grace the system, it'll be late.

Then again, after Halo and Gears of War, PC users are getting used to this kind of treatment from Microsoft.

It's true – Remedy comments on No PC version rumours. [BrightFalls]


    Well Halo and Halo didn't come out straight away for PC. Besides they were ported over by a different developing company. Gears came out a year later after the console version.

    These sort of games work better on sole. Especially online wise.

    For a new IP such as Alan Wake - i think its safe for Microsoft to develop for the PC aswell but not to announce a PC port until well after Alan Wake is released. Say 6 months or if Alan Wake is release in the first half of 2010, release the PC version in 2010 Holiday season.

    Heck PC gamers are still waiting for a Halo 3 Port if that ever happens and also a Gears 2. So patience people.

    Yea, paitence is the key here. It looks like a game that will excell on the PC, and REmedy have brought out PC titles for years, I think it will happen, but as said before, we need a little patience. Still frustrating though

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