People Are Already Waiting For Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest IX just came out a few weeks back — it still has that new game smell!

Still, the totally unannounced Dragon Quest X hit Famitsu's top three of most anticipated games. DQX, like we said, has not been announced. It's listed for the Wii, but this is pure speculation.

Stuff like this always makes us wonder: Is it the wait that gamers like best or actually getting and playing the final product?

読みゲー DQ10が 遂に期待の新作TOP3に [読みゲー]


    i hate to say it but I love the wait! although the wait makes you believe the game will be unattainably good which it never... but hopefully FFXIII won't be like that although with the amount of time they've made me wait for that game it's gonna have to be pretty bloody good to warrant the 6+ year wait :P

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