Play Some Xbox For Charity

If you're in Melbourne on July 17, you can head down to the State Library of Victoria to play Xbox for the kids.

It's part of a State Library initiative called Xperience Xbox that, according to Screen Play, aims to "engage new audiences and demonstrate the cultural value of games." The Friday event runs from 6.30pm and, although it's free to attend, you need to book ahead.

Games available to play include Halo 3, Guitar Hero World Tour, Street Fighter IV, Sacred 2 and the new Harry Potter. There's also a raffle with money raised given to the Royal Children's Hospital.

Good cause and all that, for sure. But, come on... Sacred 2? Cultural value? Really?

Which Xbox 360 games do you think meet the criteria to "engage new audiences and demonstrate the cultural value of games"?

Xperience Xbox [Screen Play]


    definitely the games with all the killing are the ones that best demonstrate the cultural value of games.

    they should also have audio exerts from game sessions over xbox live to properly demonstrate how our culture interacts.

    anyway i'll be there :P

    There will be alot more game at this event. This is just a small taste.

    If anyone interested can please got to the following site to book your free ticket as they are limited...

    Look forward to the night.


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