Poll: Japanese People Thought Dragon Quest IX Would Have WiFi

This Saturday Dragon Quest IX is going on sale in Japan. Apparently, there are already 2 million pre-orders. Some of those folks might be in for a surprise!

The game uses the DS's local ad hoc wireless, but loads of gamers thought the title would use the DS's WiFi connection so that players didn't have to be in the same room to play co-op.

A quick poll at game site IT Media showed that an overwhelming number of those who responded thought the game would have proper WiFi. The poll, which a thousand readers participated in, reads:

A large number of individuals thought that Dragon Quest IX it was possible to use the WiFi Connection for online co-op play. What about you?

• I thought it was possible: 83 percent

• I knew it wasn't possible: 7 percent

• I didn't know about this: 9 percent

Chin up, there's a new Dragon Quest game coming out!

それでも買うと思います。 [IT Media]



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