Pre-Order Left 4 Dead 2, Get Demo Early

If you're a sane, reasonable person who, of their own volition, chooses to pre-order Left 4 Dead 2, well, you're in luck. Because early purchasers will get early access to the game's demo.

While a multiplayer demo will be released for everyone on both 360 and PC, anyone preordering the 360 version or pre-purchasing the PC version over Steam will get in early.

No date on either of these demos, but with the game due in November, it'll be sometime before that.

[via OXM & Joystiq]


    It will be sometime before November you say.. Well thanks for the info. I didn't know it would be before the release date.

    i dont want to pre-order left 4 dead 2 but i want to play the demo

    how do i do it?

    is the pre-order from steam censored? since i am in Australia.
    Will pre ordering mean we get censored version and cant play with our USA friends? or noncensor and cant play with our AUS freinds?

      If Valve's appeal fails and Australia receives the censored version, then the version you purchase from Steam will be censored. You will however be able to play with anyone, regardless of which version they own.

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