PS3, PS2, PSP Software Sales Down

Across the board, Sony posted lower software sales on all three of its platforms: PS3, PSP and the PS2.

The PS3 software sales were the highest at 14.8 million during the quarter, but that's down from 18.9 from the previous quarter and down from 40.8 million from the quarter before that.

PSP software sales hit 8.3 million, down from 11.2 million during the previous quarter.

At 8.5 million, PS2 software sales were slightly about PSP software sales. However, this figure was down from the previous quarter at 11.3 million.



    Bad news for the Playstation Family!

    sucks for sony, but where are the figures for the wii? nintendo was hit hard.

      scratch that, its in the next post.

    This is due to the economy crises all over the world..Certainly its is a bad news for the Sony.We all hope that the economy goes up so that that these gaming consoles get higher sales.

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