PS3 Slim Entering Production, Ready By July

According to Chinese site UDN, Sony have signed production contracts with two companies to begin manufacture of the rumoured PS3 "Slim", with a delivery date of... oh, next month!

Now, with a PS3 price cut heavily expected around August, and with stocks of the existing 80GB PS3 supposedly dwindling, a July delivery date for the "new" PS3 makes sense. Ship it out in July, have it ready to sell in stores for August.

That is, if it's real. Which, remember, it may not be! PS3代工 鴻海搶到大單 [UDN, via Engadget]


    If it was real it would most likely have 'PLAYSTATION 3' on the side like the original console not 'PS3' shown in the above picture.

      but the PS2 slim has PS2 on it because it's officially branded the 'PStwo' as opposed to the Playstation 2. so it'd most likely be officially named the PSthree and have PS3 on it

    It looks like a friggin doormat! There's no way it's real.

      even if it WAS real, it would cost like $999 on release and like 800 bucks 2 years later. rip. off.

    The PS2 Slim worked well. It actually looks okay.
    Now one thing SONY hasn't done well is make a console that looks good. The PSone is just a square, PS2 is just well, UGLY and the Slim actually looks good. Not GREAT but good. It works well.

    The PS3 looks good as well. It is heavy and fat. But the coat, shine and the way it arches out suits it. But a slim version of it, NO THANK YOU! The above pic is obviously a flattened version of the PS3 but that doesn't mean it should look like that. The part that pokes out looks hideous and yea just WRONG!

    PS3 Slim is eventually going to come. Just a mater of when. But I serioulsy hope it don't look like that. And i don't think they will change the logo and text for it. I like the spiderman font!

    NOTE: Sony aren't the only guilty ones of ugly console. Xbox 1, Gamecube, Dreamcast (aka SEGA Playstation) & the Wii ain't crash hot.

      Who gives a rats ass what they look like, it's the games that count.

      Oh no you le didn't. The Dreamcast is a work of art, plain and simple fact.

    can't wait for the fan noises on that one...

    i care how it looks, and it looks horrible

    the current PS3 is very nice looking

    That 'thing' looks like its not as wide as the current PS3 but it looks deeper.. visualise a disc inside it..

    If I had to bet on it Id say its simply an old, old prototype of what is now the top half of a PS3 shell..

    In all the times Ive seen these photos posted Ive never seen any one with same thinking.. Am I alone here?

    Kotaku.. where did these pics come from? has anyone checked the exif data?

    looks kind of suspect.

    PS3 is real. eat it

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