PS3's EyePet Hits This Holiday, We Take It For A Virtual Walk

Here, in the dulcet tones of our very own Stephen Totilo, is a narrated glimpse at the EyePet, the Playstation 3's camera-based augmented reality... pet?

These two videos show the beta version of the game which is being shown off today in New York. The game is set for a holiday release, Sony Computer Entertainment told Kotaku. The game will be sold both as a bundle with the camera and on its own. Both versions will come with a card used to interact with the virtual pet.

Check back later in the week for Totilo's hands-on preview or right now for our E3 take on the virtual pet. Below is a second video showing off the cool x-ray feature.


    let me repeat again, THERE IS NO PET!

    Amazing! Did anyone else notice how there isn't actually a pet on the table?

    It *doesn't* come with the nice photos? What about some type of special edition? Does it come with them?

    In any case, it looks nice, but I think it'd be one of those things you'd play with for a while, and then ignore, only to pull them out again when you have visitors that haven't seen it before... Kinda like the crashes in Burnout Paradise...

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