PS3’s Fallout 3 Content Pushed Back To Sept, Reordered

PS3’s Fallout 3 Content Pushed Back To Sept, Reordered

June came and went without the promised Fallout 3 downloadable content from Bethesda, and July and August will too, the developers now say.

The first downloadable content will now be Broken Steel, not the promised Operation: Anchorage, in September. Worse news, Bethesda says they’re “hoping” that it will be by “the end of September.” That’s a lot of qualifiers.

When it hits, the Broken Steel expansion will raise the game’s level cap to 30 and extend the adventure past the original storyline.

Next in the line-up will be Operation: Anchorage, initially set for a June release, followed by The Pitt shortly thereafter “probably the same time.” After that Bethesda will be releasing Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta

This further extended delay is a bitter pill to take for Playstation 3 owners, but at least now they have a date.

Kotaku AU Note: And at least the order now makes sense, with Broken Steel up first.

Fallout 3 Downloadable Content on PSN


  • sure am glad i didnt buy that game! how is it that nearly all the devs are in bed with m$?
    i really cant wait for ps2 owners to jump on board. then we’ll see the devs kissin sonys ass!

    • i would’nt say that brad the ps3 is notoriously difficult to develop for thats why almost all multi platform game are made for 360 then ported over now im not a fan boy sony screwed up tjier architecture and xbox screwed up by trying to screw us (does any one doubt that the red ring of death was not a fault of the design wheter its on pupose or not?

  • Good luck with that Brad.

    Budget gamers aren’t going to be buying the PS3, and PS2 devs have nothing in common with PS3 development.

    Maybe if Sony made it EASIER and CHEAPER to develop for the PS3…

    And maybe if they made it CHEAPER to actually buy a PS3…

    • Sure. Sony can make PS3 cheaper…

      All they have to do is remove Bluray drive, the cell processors, Lithium Ion battery from the controller and charge for Online subscription.

      But the question is… would you like that!?
      I thought so, then STOP complaining about PS3 price!

  • The ps3 could do without the cell and do with a better graphics processor .. the blue ray drive personally i dont care about but i know others do… the xbox controllers i heard last longer than the ps3… but u have to buy the play and charge kit for the xbox .. and 10$ a month isnt too much to pay for online.. although i wish it was free.. id rather pay and have it the way it is.

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