PSP2 In Development, As Powerful As Xbox

Eurogamer's Spanish outpost reckon they're in possession of some specs for an all-new PlayStation Portable, currently in the planning stages at Sony HQ. This isn't the PSPgo. It's a true successor to the PSP.

They claim that the new handheld could output games on the same level as the original Xbox, and is built around a newer version of Imagination Technology's PowerVR SGX543MP (which you can read up on here), which in its improved state would be a quad core chip. It's claimed this thing would be able to run Open GL 2.0 and, amazingly, DirectX 10.

Sounds just a bit too good to be true to us, but then, who knows! All we want to know is if it has a second analogue stick...

Exclusiva: Características gráficas de la PSP2 [Eurogamer Spain, via VG247]


    Still needs a built-in camera phone...

      Why? For what reason..

      I understand the PSP can be viewed as an entertainment device. Photos, Music, Movies, Internet Browser among other things. But it will always be a Portable Gaming Device.

      What need is a camera? The DSi fails on all levels with the camera.
      So what use is a camera in a PSP????

        Don't get me wrong, it could have the phone without the camera, but camera phones do tend to come in handy when you want to take a picture of something in a bit of a spur of the moment thing, but if you've gotta lug a camera around at the same time, it gets a little annoying, hence the reason they invented camera phones. Even something like the tiny little camera near the ear piece on a Sony Ericsson k800i would still be better than nothing...

    What's the point releasing PSP Go then?

    @Jeff making money :)
    I'm pretty sure PSP2 will not be ready before 2011 :)

    this sounds impossible, c'mon. then against the psp did surprise me with its power years. BTW ADD ANOTHER STICK

    Very true, the only thing i wish for is a second stick, i mean seriously it would be heaps much better :S

    Though however speculatory this is, quad core hand held *drools*

    If those specs are true then it means the PSP2 is more powerful than my junkpile of a laptop.

    i'm pretty sure PsPGo is being released to test the market for PSP2

    if it looks like that picture im buying it.
    ofcourse second stick! camera would be nice!
    how about you make it a phone aswell since where hear ur making one

    Oh god... Imagine the PS2 games you can play like SOTC or FF10 or Okami or God of War... *drools*

      All I want is 3G/GSM so I can make phone calls, and a second analogue stick.

      Irrespective of the cost I'd being one tomorrow if they included those two features.

      sigh....its not going to happen is it.

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