Punch-Out!! To Hit In August, Only At JB Hi-Fi

Punch-Out!! To Hit In August, Only At JB Hi-Fi

Nintendo has confirmed that Punch-Out!! for Wii will be launching in Australia next month. The catch? You can only get it at one retailer.

Speaking to Kotaku late last week, Nintendo Australia managing director Rose Lappin revealed the eagerly-anticipated date and the retailer-exclusive agreement. When asked about the boxing title, which was released in the US and the UK last month, Lappin said:

“Yes, we are bringing Punch-Out in. It’s coming in late August, but as an exclusive with one retailer.”

When asked if she could say which retailer, Lappin said: “Yep, it’s JB Hi-Fi.”

“To be honest we didn’t have a lot of requests for the game,” she contined. “There’s a few people… there’s a lot of noise but not a lot of sales, that sort of thing. However there was one retailer that was chasing it, so that’s why we’ve decided to go that way. Of course, if it continues and consumers want it then that’s what we’re here for. At the end of the day if we don’t support consumers then we don’t have a business. We’re certainly here to work with what people want.”

So, basically, most retailers weren’t excited by Punch-Out!!, at least in terms of how many copies they could sell. However, JB Hi-Fi were a little excited – understandably, given the boxing sim’s NES heritage positions it as something of a core gamer’s game – and have arranged an exclusive with Nintendo.

Expect an exact release date to be confirmed soon. UPDATE: Looks like the date is August 27, according to the listing on the Nintendo Channel, as reported by Vooks. (Thanks Jordan!)

So, since it would seem not many of you were interested in preordering Punch-Out!! before, who’s now keen to pick it up next month?


  • Would explain why there’s been absolutely no advertising/preview box or anything in EB. Also wonder if JB will stick this up for full price, given there’s no competition for the title?

  • Hell yes.

    Being JB exclusive makes it even sweeter too, that way I’m not giving my money to those other rip-off retailers.

  • I dont think its so much an exclusive deal as they were the only ones who were interested in stocking it.
    She says that if consumers want it they wont dissapoint so its only an exclusive deal until anyone else offers to stock it.

    • My understanding is that it is an exclusive. However, if demand is much higher than expected, Nintendo may look to reassess that deal.

      • Unlikely! Sales were ordinary in the states weren’t they? Nintendo dropped the ball on this, if they released it 2 years ago, before old Nintendo fans sold their Wii’s it could’ve sold better :o)

  • So those of us without JBs locally have to order online, which means there’s absolutely no reason to get the local release unless JB offer it for a stupid low price like $50. If I’m buying it online anyway, why get it from them when I could import from the UK and get it earlier and cheaper?

  • what a joke. theres no demand for the game because theres no advertising and no one knows about it. most people need things shoved in their face or they wont even know its there.

  • Hmmm… might have to pick this up on launch day as a birthday gift to myself. I used to play the SNES version on the eight-hour flight to Kuala Lumpur in the in-flight entertainment on Malaysia Airlines.

  • Good move from JB, wonder what price they’ll be putting on it though?

    Doubt i’ll be getting it from JB though, my local retailer are terrible, never have stock and constantly holding stuff well after release date.

  • So Nintendo are saying there is demand for “My Petz Donkeyz” and “My Fashionist Lets Make Coffee” for the Wii, but none for a decent game like Punch-Out?

    Well thank god for the Homebrew Channel and importing. I already have this game and I have almost finished it – stupid Soda Popinski is giving me grief though! Any tips?

  • I didn’t demand it because i imported it for $57 including shipping.

    Nintendo Australia has lost the friggin plot. If you don’t show people what they don’t have how can they ask for it.

    See they use stupid metrics i imagine of well there is X,000 wii’s in australia now but only 2% of those are going give me punch out. PO is not a casual game really unlike stupid crap that generally comes out on the system. The casual has ruined it for all in Australia (i support casual gaming a lot, but if its going to do this to the hardcore then ffs…) because Nintendo Australia will only bring games in it sounds like if it has the anticipation and frothing mouth of games like Wii fit, which will just never happen

    good luck with metroid guys who won’t import, you’re going to need it with the complete non-understanding market forces people running NOA right now.

  • can’t care less. ill stick with the snes and nes versions for cheap. reboot kid icarus or update f-zero, 1080, star fox or wave race, not this.

  • Wow, what a bizarre situation. I guess when JB’s stocks run out we’ll be importing this one…

  • Already got it about a month ago, imported for $70, which is what it will probably retail for anyway.

    Excellent game, a true Punch-Out!! title, not just some lame reimaging of the IP.

  • Exclusive?
    Gametraders Whitfords have had this title for a while now. Other GT’s probably have it too.

    Suck it JB xD

  • Glad i imported it ages ago. Great game. However, this is exactly the sort of crap from nintendo i’m getting sick of, and 360s and ps3s keep looking better and better.

  • Gee, thanks Nintendo. Two body blows in the one day (see the Exitbots post for the other bad news). I live in a regional area with no JB. I am 36 years old and have never pre-ordered a game. So will EB or Target or Kmart be able to order it in? I’m seriously thinking about swapping my Wii for a PSP. Even the PSP has a larger amount of quality games than the Wii. I am starting to despise this turkey of a console. The console it reminds me the most of is one of those 16 different versions of Pong machines that were all the go 30 odd years ago. It’s amazing for the first month and then, due to lack of content- gathers dust until they invent the Atari Equivalent ( maybe that new 360 motion sensing thing)

  • It will be interesting to see what price JB sell it for – surely if they dont sell it for $20 below the RRP like they normally do with new release games then they are just trying to Rip Off the customers who are loyal to them.

    Show us the price JB -_-

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