Putting A Cat's Face On A Fight Night 4 Boxer

Fight Night 4, like many of EA Sports' titles, allows you to use a camera and their "GameFace" tech to import a version of your mug into the game.

Not content to play as the prerendered fighters in the game, or as themselves, the brothers KindaGamey decided to try and import the face of their cat, Sufjan, into the game. Well, to try and import their cat's face into Fight Night 4.

After loads of tries and messing around with the face recognition software, the two were left with a fighter sporting, in their words, a "sad, squat little blotchy face. Certainly not the human fighter with a cat head we would have liked."

I can't help but think that this is the modern equivalent of trying to teach a pig to sing, something that, old adages tell us, shouldn't be done because it annoys the pig and wastes your time.

And in this case, though, the pig has claws.


    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's freakin hilarious.

    Ha look how sad it looks.
    It's like "Kiiiiiilll meeeeeee"

      Funny, I saw it and thought "I can haz title belt nau?"

    behold. he gives you cat people!

    awwww look at the little boxing kitty!

    this might be the greatest thing ever

    my god e.t has entered the arena

    Sundance Turd rofl. Seems about right.

    ahahahahahh, rofl

    oooohh god. there needs to be more of these!! dogs? sheep? parrots?

    more more more!

    brilliant haha

    ha ha its funny because he doesn't look like a cat or a person

    Oh come on, I've seen people that look like that! They work at Lidl.

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