R-Type Tactics Sequel Has A Bittersweet Subtitle

Atlus brought Irem's R-Type Tactics to North American PSPs last year as R-Type Command, a turn-based strategic deviation from the side-scrolling shoot 'em up the series is known for. A sequel is planned, with an amazing subtitle.

R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate will be coming to Japan on October 29, according to a report from 1UP. In addition to telling the tale of semi-sweet chocolate in space, the next R-Type Tactics will pit human against human, one side of which has adopted Bydo alien technology, the other which logically resists such an abomination.

Expect twice as many units in R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate, the same hex-based space military strategy and a level of dry gameplay similar to the first. Will Atlus be sweet enough to bring the sequel stateside? Sounds perfect for a downloadable PSN title.

R-Type Command Sequel Announced [1UP]


    Bittersweet Turd more lke it.

    Why not just give us a god damn proper R-Type shmup!??!

    I am a HUGE shmup fan, but never [ever] play strategy games. They are polar opposite styles of gameplay. Just give me arcade style, easy to get into - hard to put down, classic twitch gameplay and I'm happy!

    I wouldn't have thought that many shmup/R-Type fans are also interested in strategy games, but I guess I must be wrong.

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