Raiden IV Limited Edition Details

Raiden IV Limited Edition Details

Raiden IV is coming to North American Xbox 360s, thanks to publisher UFO Interactive. The better news is that the top-down shooter won’t be unceremoniously released. It’s getting double the “limited edition” treatment.

Of course, we’re not getting night vision goggles or a replica plasma beam upgrade in the box, but something a little more straightforward — an exclusive soundtrack. The amusingly localised “Ultimate of Raiden” soundtrack will ship alongside the game disc, with retailer GameStop—brace for it!—getting its own limited edition package, complete with digital artbook.

UFO says the “secret file” artbook will contain concept art, boss and enemy data, and game strategies. Clearly for the serious Raiden fan.

The game shoots up retail this September. We’re sure you’ll find a place for it on your list of Fall purchases.

Kotaku AU Note: No word on a local release yet, so shmup fans should probably look to import.


  • “Kotaku AU Note: No word on a local release yet, so shmup fans should probably look to import.”

    is it gonna be region free though???

  • Fighters Aces wasn’t PAL friendly, so I can’t see the trend changing here.

    Now I’m a simple man, but I honestly can’t fathom the reasoning behind limiting your products potential sales. Accounting for sales is all well and good, but isn’t it just logical to want to hit as many pockets as possible? I mean seriously, just think for a second. Actually don’t, as you’ll just go in circles for hours and hours, ultimately doing the same damage a few hours of N+ retires will get you.

    Prehistoric era is that way, gimme my game!

  • What a disgrace! How can raiden not be sold in Australia or uk (PAL) ? this goes for all raiden titles.
    This is nothing but encouragement for people hack, chip their consoles and buy copied games or download them themselves.
    This discrimination is unfair.

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