Reader Review: Quake Live

Reader Review: Quake Live

Do you have what it takes to get a review published right here on Kotaku? Ben does, as he circle strafes around the browser-based Quake Live.

Yes, that’s right, we’re now publishing reader reviews here on Kotaku. This is your chance to deliver sensible game purchasing advice to the rest of the Kotaku community.

This review was submitted by Ben Latimore. If you’ve played Quake Live, why don’t you let Ben know whether you agree or disagree with his thoughts.

Quake Live (PC)

Quake Live is the successor to Quake 3 Arena, featuring the same engine and gameplay, directly from a browser. But, is it as good as the original?

Easy to Install and Run: After you sign in, the game needs a few minutes to download, and lets you finish everything nice and simple. The game updates in the background when it needs to while you’re playing, which is typically awesome.

Customisability: Over 50 models to pick from and the ability to customise controls, colours, and more. Feels like a quality online FPS.

Stats and Medals: Many awards are earnable throughout your experience of Quake, which can keep anyone going for a LONG time. A nice addition to the game.

Feels Like Its Mother: The game feels like Quake 3 Arena. Controls are the same. Looks the same. Sounds the same. Brings back memories.

Sorry, Come Back in 10: *snores*…sorry, where were we? But, yeah, the queues were long when I finally got onto this. Like, 100s of players long. I had to leave it for over 2 hours.

A Draining Experience: Low-end PCs will NOT like this game one bit, even on the lowest detail. Expect slowness. Lots of slowness. And on laptops? Drains the battery like a pig sucking it’s mothers’ teat.

Dull Maps, Dull Modes: The maps all look the same, with the similar color patterns and layouts, and the modes – heck, 5 out of 6 are Deathmatch mode with variations. Give us some different maps, please.

Beginners are Experts: All you need to do is jump, rocket jump, and run really fast down a hallway to be classified as Expert in the tutorial. Nearly anyone could figure out how to use the rocket launcher next to the big jump.

No Level Editing: ‘Nuff said.

While Quake Live may appeal to the beginner in the world of FPSs, there simply isn’t enough variety to keep me around. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Open Arena calls.

Reviewed by: Ben Latimore

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