Ready To Watch A New Splinter Cell Conviction Trailer?

Good. Because we have one right here. For you to watch, that is. Enjoy!

Conviction is coming to the Xbox 360 and the PC this October.

UPDATE: Switched to Youtube clip.


    I'm having trouble loading the movie. It's just a white box.

    haha, am I the only person that see's IGN's endorsment as a negative!?

    "Forget what you know about Splinter Cell"
    So we are meant to forget that all the previous great games have been good stealth & tactics based shooters, just so they can use a well regarded name and character for a generic action shooter, complete with clichéd scripted sequences, melee moves, and tomb-raider-esque ledge shimmying abilities?

    (I'm not saying it is going to be the above, but just that the endorsing statement may not exactly be seen as a positive thing to fans)

    It does look pretty though...

      I think you are the only one.

      Conviction is meant to change the way we look at Splinter Cell. It is still that stealth/action game we have always been playing. But this is Sam Fischer, on the run, no longer working for anyone.
      He is much tougher/edgier and bad-ass! He is killing his way, one man at a time to freedom.

      Don't know if you realized but after Double Agent, obviously the direction they needed to take was one that spiced things up & changed the direction it was once in. I think what they've done looks awesome & is fresh and exciting.

      And i wouldn't compare the "tomb-raider-esque ledge shimmying abilities" to tomb raider. Perhaps Uncharted. I do agree when watching gameplay of Conviction i was disappointed to know he moves across ledges so fast, for a game that was fairly realistic in climbing & all that and now you can swing like a monkey.

      But BRING IT ON! For us 360 gamers.. :-P

        Yeah I realise that's the angle that they are going for, but it the fact that it could also be taken as a negative amused me.

        I'll admit I haven't followed the game too closely after being disappointed with Double Agent, enough to know that they are trying to refresh the series, but the fact that trailer just seemed to quick cut between gunfights didn't help to show that it's still going to be the same stealthy game.

        For the record, I'd describe Uncharted as having 'tomb-raider-esque ledge shimmying abilities' too =P

    Oh dear, time to buy the GTX 295...

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