Rebellion Goes Bargain Shopping, Picks Up A Ton Of Great Old IP

Aliens vs Predator developers Rebellion have been picking through the remains of Vivendi's old portfolio of intellectual property, discarded amidst the company's merger with Activision, and have found a number of bargains.

Among the unwanted, unloved IPs now obtained by the British developers (and 2000AD comics owners) are Ground Control, Evil Genius, Empire Earth, Lords of the Realm and Lords of Magic.

There's promise in most of those, especially the first three, all of which were underrated strategy games that have decent brand awareness. Which is good for Rebellion, as they didn't pick the rights up to stash them in a corner, with CEO Jason Kingsley saying "We have complete ownership of the IP from the past and going forwards, so yes we're putting our plans together for new titles in each series. Exactly what and when is currently up for discussion."

Hopefully those discussions are revolving around a new Evil Genius game, this time called "Mad Scientist".

Exclusive: Rebellion CEO reveals plans for new entries in former Vivendi Games series [Big Download]


    A new Lords of the Realm game please!

    Oooo new Evil Genius and Ground Control.

    For the love of jeebus, more Ground Control! More!!! The original absolutely blew every other RTS out of the water when it came out, it was years ahead of its time...

    I wouldn't mind a new Empire Earth. Have very fond memories of 1 and 2, the others were just trash.
    There is a lack of real empire building RTS games atm, in favour of action RTS.
    And yeah another Ground Control would be nice.

    Ok, yes. I would like some of these different games. Yes, Evil Genius was amazing but OH GOD! PLEASE DO IT SOOON (actually about 1/2 way so that it will be descent)

    My god even just anything! This amazing!

    I'd be interested in a Ground Control 3.

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