Red Faction Co-Op “Not Technically Possible”

Red Faction Co-Op “Not Technically Possible”

Red Faction: Guerrilla is getting DLC for “single-player, Wrecking Crew and multiplayer”. One thing it won’t be getting is co-op play.

As part of our Question Time interview, Kotaku reader Trent asked Volition’s Sean Kennedy why Red Faction: Guerrilla didn’t have online co-op. Kennedy explains the developer may have loved the idea, but it just wasn’t possible due to hardware limitations.

“While co-op would be amazing in Red Faction: Guerrilla, it was just something that was just not technically possible with everything else we are doing in the game going on.

Being able to have 16 player multiplayer with the same level of destruction as the single player was a huge undertaking and something that for a time we wondered if we would be able to do. To do that over a network, with all the destruction and players was a lot of work and pushing the hardware hard, and that is just within a single MP map.

To take the entire single player world, with everything that goes on within it, plus keep the same level of destruction and duplicate all of that for co-op was just not technically possible.”

A shame, but it also helps explain why we’re unlikely to see Red Faction levels of destruction in future Saints Row games. Developers have to focus their resources – and the hardware resources of the console – in certain areas. And unfortunately, no matter how awesome an idea might be, sometimes you just can’t have everything.


    • It all depends on the host of a game if your host has a bad connection then the games gonna lag its how all online multiplayer games work

  • Online isn’t as much laggy as it is sometime hard to even connect to a game with your whole party. It really has ups and downs I don’t understand it. When it work it works brilliantly but when it doesn’t it takes ages for a game to happen.

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